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Luck In The Shadows - Lynn Flewelling [Nightrunner series] [Aug. 1st, 2012|05:54 pm]


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Title: Luck In The Shadows
[Part 1 in the Nightrunner series]
Author: Lynn Flewelling
Genre: Fantasy
Publisher: Bantam Spectra 1996
Pages: Paperbacks, about 500 pages each
Language: English
Rating: 8/10 over all
Summary: Series of fantasy-books about the adventures of young Alec of Kerry and his mentor Seregil of Rhíminee. They meet in the first book when their world is at the brink of war.

[Review of book 1 and 2]Review of book 1 and 2
Book 1: Luck In The Shadows (1996)
Seventeen year old archer Alec is being tortured in prison. He has already lost all hope for release when a bard is put in his jail cell who helps him escape! It turns out the man is only pretending to be a traveling musician; he is the disguised spy Seregil. After seeing how well Alec handled himself during the escape, Seregil is rather charmed by his innocent determination and offers to tutor him. Together they travel South to inform Seregil's client about the preparations for war he discovered. During their trip Seregil steals a magical relic that causes them a lot of problems; Seregil seems to slowly go mad while Alec tries to get them safely to their destination.


And? Are you intrigued already? The book is not free from (fantasy) clichés; the bad guys are a bit OTT charicatures, but it's all very exciting and much bloodier than I would have expected. The guys have to fight a lot and they get hurt more every time.
While Seregil is teaching Alec, the reader also gets a lot of information about the background of the brewing war. He tells him (and us;) extensively about the history of the lands and which part each different tribe, such as the magical Aurënfaie people, play in the conflict.
There are also chapters from other point of views, like the old wizard Nysander and Seregil's best friend and fellow nightrunner Micum. What's very cool is that the main society is matriarchal and there are many fascinating women in charge who are essential to the story. This huge universe is quite overwhelming, but very believable and knowing all the rich details gets you really involved in the story.
What got me hooked to this book however were the dialogues between naive, open Alec and the more experienced, ambiguous Seregil. And then came part two....

Book 2: Stalking Darkness (1997)
Alec and Seregil are now working together, although Alec still feels like Seregil doesn't trust him enough to share personal information. The truth is that Seregil finds it harder and harder to hide his more-than-friendly feelings for Alec...

Ooooh, bet you didn't see that coming;) Intrigued now?
I heartly recommend this series *grins*

So far there are six books and a special edition with short stories:
1. Luck in the Shadows (1996)
2. Stalking Darkness (1997)
3. Traitor's Moon (1999)
4. Shadows Return (2008)
5. The White Road (2010)
6. Casket of Souls (2012)
X. Glimpses (2010), a collection of missing scenes or 'timestamps' from different periods in the series, including before the beginning of the story. It's illustrated with fanart.

Flewelling is currently writing part seven \o/ and she keeps us up to date of the process in her livejournal: otterdance. (She recently mentioned there may be a second version of Glimpses!) Start reading the series now and join me in anticipation:)

[User Picture]From: amberdreams
2016-08-21 03:28 pm (UTC)
Ah cool beans, when I get reading again I'll certainly check these out.
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