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Good Luck - Christine Otten & Erik Kessels [Apr. 15th, 2012|11:14 am]



Title: Christine Otten & Erik Kessels
Author: Good Luck
Genre: Essay, photos
Publisher: CPNB, 2011
Pages: Hardcover, 144
Language: Dutch
Rating: 7/10
Summary: So-called essay, made for Dutch bookweek 2011, based on the theme 'Written Portraits' (Geschreven portretten). Inspired by old photos Otten & Kessels found of an unknown couple, they made up a family history for the two of them.
[Review + Cover image]

What a fun concept! The story reads like a soap-opera about Betty and Pierre Vincent and their 'houseguest', who appears to be more than just a friend to Betty... If you didn't know it was all made up, you'd almost believe it. Just look at those (holiday) snap-shots; you can totally see there's something going on between the three of them. Cute.

You can sample the book online: here!