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De Literaire Kring - Marjolein Februari [Mar. 27th, 2012|06:05 pm]



Title: De Literaire Kring (~The Bookclub)
Author: Marjolein Februari
Genre: Novel
Publisher: Prometheus, 2007
Pages: Hardcover, 253
Language: Dutch
Rating: 5/10
Summary: Thirtysomething Teresa moved back to the town where she grew up. Her wealthy husband has joined the local bookclub that was founded by her father. When Teresa hears that her former classmate Ruth wrote an international bestseller, she invites Ruth to the local bookstore for a signing and lecture. But then Teresa learns that Ruth has uncovered a past that the town would prefer to forget...

I bought this book based on my own Bookweekrules; for that occassion I always pick a hardcover written by a female author and I let myself be surprised by the story. I thought the summary sounded intriguing and apparently a lot of people loved the story, because this book received several awards. As you can tell by my rating I didn't like it at all. Most of the book consists of long conversations about nothing, mostly in a patronizing tone towards the main character, as her father and husband both seem to think Teresa doesn't need to know anything. I found it boring and insulting to my intelligence.