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Loesje's view of the year 2011 [Mar. 20th, 2012|11:04 pm]



Title: Als Ik Het Even Niet Meer Weet,
Doe Ik Altijd Een Stapje Vooruit
(When I'm Lost, I Always Take A Step Forward)
Author: Loesje
Genre: Politics
Publisher: A.W. Bruna, 2011
Pages: Paperback, 192
Language: Dutch
Rating: 9/10
Summary: The 2011 collection of posters featuring thoughts and smart arse comments on politics, the economy, the world, love and other important stuff

Two posters on page 102 (from bottom left to top right)
New traffic rule:
in bad weather
cyclists always get
right of way

Getting comfortable
with your book,
turns out your train
is not delayed

On page 103 an explanation about the revolution in Egypt and the protests in Tunesia in february 2011.

Loesje: a writer's collective, a NGO, a creative network, a contagious idea - call it what you want! This invisible girl from the Netherlands has been conquering the world with posters since 1983. I've been a fan from the start:)
For slogans that will make you think, frown or laugh, I recommend following Loesje on her English Twitter: Loesje International or check out the official website: www.loesje.org

(If you want Dutch links, let me know;)